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Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Horn left Russia with her family when she was 8 — “maybe because I immigrated, I took very seriously what the Constitution said,” she muses — and started working at libraries in 1942. In January 1971, she was the chief reference librarian at Bucknell University in sleepy Lewisburg, Pa., when two FBI agents showed up unexpectedly at her home.

They asked her to answer some questions and look at photos. When she refused, she was handed a grand jury subpoena.

FBI snooping has librarians stamping mad / Local woman jailed in ’70s in informant flap,” a San Francisco Chronicle article about Zoia Horn.

Horn, who was 96, died on Saturday. (Hat tip to AL Direct, which linked to this obituary notice from OIF. Check it out for links to more information about Zoia Horn.)

Get To Know Your Tumblarians Tuesday: What is your go-to karaoke/shower singing song?


Karaoke: Son of a Preacher Man

Shower: Gonna Get Over You - Sara Bareilles

What about you?

I don’t really do karaoke. In the shower, though, I do all of the Broadway standards!

All of them.

As people who work with youth, we must continually examine our culture and engage with teens to break down these harmful stereotypes. One way to do this is through collection development. Whatever our personal bias, we must actively develop diverse collections, and seek and purchase titles with varying discussions about teenage sexuality


Ellen Hinsey



In honor of the recent unlocking of over 7 years of New Yorker articles, has their list of 25 best reads. 



10 years ago today, Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way went back in time to sedouce Volxemort and protect all of us from his evil plans

reblog this post to honor Enoby’s brave sacrifice, ignore if you’re a prep or a poser

it’s yesterday now, but nvr4gt

Has it really been ten years oh my


I would just like to take this moment to say someone made the campus center in minecraft


I am absolutely down with djent as a musical subgenre, but I’m still mildly confused by the fact that the entire thing grew out of the 1-5-1-5 chord progression.

Scale the Summit!

Scale the Summit!



This is a Brian Fallon appreciation post.

This is a Brian Fallon appreciation post.

Sometimes I sit up all night talk about Important Issues with my girls, and other times we sit around and Gossip About Frivolous Things.

If you think we’re shallow because you left early, that was your mistake. Sure, we spent a couple hours Gossiping Frivolously about people we went to high school with. That was our way of warming up.

Then, we dissected the human condition, summarized American politics, compared and contrasted the military and healthcare systems in various countries, discussed abuse and feminism, and reviewed the history and effects of the Vietnam war. Oh, and then we tackled family issues and the entire concept of asexuality.

Then we effectively tied it all back to the gossip about people we went to high school with.

Hey tumblarians! I have a question!

I’m doing a massive amount of research on resources for my library’s ESL programs. We have a group class, led by my wonderful boss. In the fall we’re also introducing one-on-one tutoring between patrons. We’re paying for training and certification for local volunteers.

I’m looking for books, websites, games, quizzes, workbooks, printable worksheets, conversation starters, the works.

What are some of your favorite resources? What works? What doesn’t work?

I know this sounds really broad, but I’m trying to put together a fairly exhaustive resource list that started out looking like a bibliography but now looks much more like a lib guide put together by someone who just doesn’t know when to stop. (Who, me?)